PR in a Jar the Book

Public Relations Book “PR in a Jar” is a book that offers readers an extensive understanding of public relations in simple to read and easy to follow steps. The book offers users a vast understanding of knowledge of what public relations really is, and how to implement and track PR plans of their own. Filled with over 20 years of knowledge within the space from author Amanda Vega, owner of Amanda Vega Consulting who has handled public relations for a number of high profile companies. What you learn in the book and through your site subscription:

  1. Defining public relations in terminology as well as real world examples and how each fits into the five categories of PR: community relations, government relations, internal relations, community relations, and stakeholder relations.
  2. Keys to defining and creating custom messages for your target SALES and MEDIA audience filled with hands on exercises.
  3. The public relations plan, it’s elements, examples of plans including hooks used by major companies, as well as detailed tactics/timelines and offers
  4. Step by step instructions and resources for creating media kits, press releases (including templates for various industries and the new social media press release)
  5. How to create media lists
  6. The do’s and don’ts of contacting the media, including information on editorial calendars and media inquiries
  7. Tools of the trade for tracking public relations is also covered in real-world language and suggestions