Self-Serve PR – $1000

Self-Serve PR – $1000 Get everything you need to manage your own public relations and media campaigns. We give you the plan, the media lists with complete contact information, the pitches, and the book to show you how to gain your own press. Public relations is one of the most powerful tools you can have [...]

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Media Lists – $100 / Press Releases – $200

Media Lists – $100 Are you in need of a media list? For many, the thousands of dollars it costs to purchase a subscription to a major media database is cost prohibitive. And for others, the time it takes to create a custom list simply doesn’t exist. Let our team pull the custom media lists [...]

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Social Media Offerings – $400/month

Social Media Management – $400/month Many companies feel that social media is a function of public relations. That being said, we offer a basic social media management package that will help you reach your target audience (including journalists) and ensure that you have messages populating your profiles daily. Our basic social media for public relations [...]

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PR/Media Plans – $1000 / Audits – $300

PR/Media Plans – $1,000 Many companies have the staff and acumen to do media relations on their own, but lack the time or experience to map out an annual strategy for public relations. Let us build you an annual public relations/media plan that lays out your messages, target audience, story arsenal, and timelines of activities [...]

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The art of public relations has changed greatly over the years. The increased use of online communications and social media coupled with the demise of the number of journalists occupying the media newsroom has dramatically altered the practice of PR as we’ve all known it. Long gone are the days where you are beholden to large public relations firms in order to reach the media and get them to cover your brand, company, or stakeholder. Now, YOU can be your own press agent.

The top selling book PR in a Jar was written as a way to give you the very basic knowledge needed to do your own public relations. We took out the fluff (outdated press kits that get thrown in the garbage,) took out the idol threats (you have to have a rolodex in order to gain coverage,) and took out the guesswork. Now, we have put together self-serve public relations package that allow you to dig into your own media relations and gain your own press coverage.

The concept is simple, we arm you with the tools you need in order to conduct and manage your own PR campaigns for affordable pricing. So if you aren’t ready to hire the top PR firm (like ours) to manage all of the media relations for you, arm yourself with the tools, pitches, and a quick plan that will help you gain the press coverage you and your company needs.

Everything you need to do your own public relations. Get your plan, lists, and pitches here for as low as $200/month!